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It is our mission to serve young people and their families in-crisis through Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare programs, parent support, and community-centered aftercare.

Families of Oregon and Washington are eligible to receive financial assistance…

…through generous donations.


  1. Provide financial assistance for youth, young adults and their families in crisis who may not be able to afford Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare programs.
  2. Provide local in-person support for parents and guardians through monthly support group meetings.
  3. Create a community centered adventure-based aftercare coaching program that promotes resiliency, recovery, relapse prevention as well as fosters belonging, a healthy lifestyle and connection to nature.
  4. Advocate for mental health awareness and suicide prevention with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP).
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“Wouldn’t it be ‘tight’ if we could send just one kid a year to Wilderness?”Parker


The Pine Cone

The Ponderosa Pine is a tree that grows taller than all others in climates that would seem unable to support such life. In our recent history, these trees were landmarks of hope and encouragement to many pioneers coming west on the Oregon Trail.

This pine cone fell from the branch of a mighty Ponderosa growing in arid earth under the central Oregon high desert sun.

The cone's scales follow the same spiral curves as those observed in sunflowers, seashells, and the arms of our Milky Way. This beautiful recurring geometry is described mathematically by the Golden Ratio and the Fibonacci Numbers, which can be observed within our own bodies and throughout our natural world.

Its symbolism has inspired humanity through time and across civilizations. From ancient Rome to ancient Mesopotamia, it is found in art, architecture, and spiritual symbolism. Osiris--The Egyptian god of transition, resurrection, and regeneration--carried a pine cone staff, and many Hindu deities have been depicted holding a pine cone in their outstretched hand.

The pine cone has been historically associated with enlightenment, spiritual awakening, and the "third eye." The pineal gland is thought to be the physiological center of the "third eye", and resembles a tiny pine cone itself.

A single cone contains seeds that could potentially grow a whole forest of Ponderosa Pines. It opens with the warmth of the sun and closes with the saturation of rain, waiting patiently for favorable conditions.

May the pine cone's beauty and mystery inspire wonder, curiosity, strength, and the sensation of interconnectedness between you and the natural world like is has inspired me.

Breanna B Johnson

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“May the pine cone’s beauty and mystery inspire wonder, curiosity, strength and the sensation of interconnectedness between you and the natural world like it has inspired me.”

Breanna Bounds Johnson, Artist

Parker Bounds Johnson Foundation
PO Box 1989
Lake Oswego, OR 97035

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If you or someone you care about are in crisis, please call the 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline.
CALL 9-8-8

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