Introducing PBJF’s new experiential year round outdoor coaching program offering community-based aftercare that will support resilience and relapse prevention for young people coming home from Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare, wilderness therapy and a wide variety of therapeutic schools and treatment programs.

The difference is—we are Hands-on, Boots-on, Live and Local!

Parker Bounds Johnson Foundation


  • Oregon & Washington teens & young adults ages 13 - 26 are welcome.
  • Alumni of 90+ day Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare, wilderness therapy, long term residential treatment, or therapeutic boarding schools are welcome.
  • Alumni of short term residential treatment programs up to 30 days in concurrent outpatient treatment are welcome.
  • Enrollment of participants under age 18 requires their verbal & written consent. This is separate from parent or guardian agreement.
  • Wilderness4Life is inclusive of all gender, sexual orientation, race, faith, ethnicity & socio-economic status.

  • Participants benefit from community based resilience & relapse prevention. Positive peer interaction provides structure, reinforces learning & growth & creates real connection.
  • Nature based outdoor settings support experiences of wellness & healing.
  • Youth & young adults return to their families & local communities after three to eighteen months, or more, in highly structured therapeutic settings & often there are limited opportunities for any type of structured support. This poses a long recognized challenge of recidivism & relapse.
  • Involvement with those who have had similar extensive treatment time in therapeutic growth & self reflection encourages safe & supportive relationships.
  • Group members are generally more comfortable in a non-therapy coaching setting.
  • Youth & young adults completing thirty days or less residential treatment programs need reinforcement of their experience of stabilization & assessment.
  • Wilderness4Life will be the first non-profit program in the United States providing in person, outdoor adventure based aftercare services!

  • Wilderness4Life provides coaching, not therapy. Coaching provides opportunities to transfer insight gained in prior therapy into action.
  • Weekly sessions are offered year-round in a 12 week program cycle. Rolling enrollment is not limited to a current cycle.
  • Participants engage in experiential & adventure based activities primarily in the outdoors. Program elements adhere to accepted best safety practices
  • Sessions include adolescent groups for ages 13-17 & young adult groups for ages 18-26 for alumni of 90+ day treatment programs, 3 hours/weekly session.
  • Group size of eight participants are coached by two staff members certified in all aspects of activities offered. Size of groups may be modified depending on activity & participation demand.
  • Separate groups are provided for youth & young adults limited to experience of 30 day or less residential treatment. Enrollment requires concurrent participation in outpatient therapy such as partial hospitalization (day treatment), intensive outpatient, or weekly outpatient therapy.
  • Enrollment by those with 30 to 90 days of residential treatment experience will be placed at discretion of the program director. Concurrent therapy may be required.
  • Family involvement occurs once every four sessions.
  • Families pay for a 12 week commitment. Coaching services do not qualify for reimbursement by insurance. Financial assistance will be available based on need through a grant application process.
  • Additional individual or family coaching services can be provided for a separate fee.
  • Contributions to research & outcome assessments will be ongoing.

  • Program launch is June 1, 2023 as startup funding is acquired & qualified staff members are hired.
  • Timeline:
    • Fundraising begins Sept 26, 2022
    • Wild Lunches Nov 2022 to Feb 1, 2023
    • Accepting program director applications Nov 15
    • Hire program director by Feb 1
    • Accept coach applications by Feb 1
    • Hire coaches by April 1
    • Participant enrollment begins May 1
    • Launch first session June 1, 2023

  • We are focusing our efforts in communities throughout Oregon & Washington starting in Seattle, Bend, Portland. Additional ares based on participant enrollment and staffing.

  • We are asking for donated funds to support and hire a program director to build, oversee, promote & lead Wilderness4Life.
  • We are seeking donations to hire coaches who are experienced field guides, wilderness instructors &/or adventure-based therapists.
  • We are engaging in referrals through programs, families, therapists, educational consultants & more.
Parker Bounds Johnson Foundation is a 501(c)3 Public Charity based in Oregon for Pacific Northwest families. Our mission, inspired by Co-founders Liz Bounds' & Dan Johnson's son, Parker, is to serve Oregon & Washington young people by supporting hope & healing through "Wilderness" & beyond. In the past four years more than eighty families have been supported with grants to attend accredited Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare programs. Many of the 100+ families in the PBJF Northwest community participate in the monthly in-person parent support groups.

To support Wilderness4Life contact Liz Bounds: or 503-810-9100.

Please read “Parker’s Story” to understand the heart behind our mission.

Thank You.



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Embracing the importance of getting outside in Nature and experiencing first hand Nature's power to heal body, mind and spirit, we are creating a supportive community of souls who are committed to each other and those who seek a healthful lifestyle.

We welcome those who share our values and especially those seeking continued healing and a positive community through getting outside in the beautiful wild places together.

We will be getting outside every month all year round--no matter the weather! Adventures include hiking, backpacking, and camping.

Please let us know if there is a special activity or talent you would like to contribute that directly or indirectly helps us do our job better, helps youth and families such as excursion ideas, therapies, hands on courses, mental health training, counseling services, etc.

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If you or someone you care about are in crisis, please call the 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline.
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