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Please consider a generous tax deductible donation to Wilderness4Life (a 501(c)3 public charity). The Parker Bounds Johnson Foundation gratefully acknowledges and salutes the following corporations, private foundations and personal donors for their generous gifts, support and dedication.

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Thank You for your individual contribution!


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Many employers sponsor matching gift programs and will match any charitable contributions made by their employees. If your company is eligible, request a matching gift form from your employer. Email us and we'll help you maximize your impact.

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Purchase a NEW T-shirt— Logo designed by Parker's sister, Breanna!

$15 (+ $5 s/h)

*If you are going to the AFSP Walk or other sponsored event and want to save the shipping fee by picking up your shirts in-person at the event, click here.


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1st Annual PBJ2PCT
October 6-12, 2019

Wesley & Liz Hit the Trail Together for Mental Health!

There are many who struggle with mental health challenges that can be debilitating and even fatal. Parker was one who became overwhelmed by his suffering. It’s real even though we can’t see the injury.

Our mental health can directly impact our physical health and our physical health can affect our mental health. We must attend to both to thrive.

Please support Liz and Wesley as they hike every day to raise donations to help suffering young people— that they may transform their lives through Wilderness Therapy.

It’s National Mental Health Awareness Week October 6-12, 2019.

And World Mental Health Day & National Depression Screening Day October 10, 2019.

Everyone knows someone who is struggling to find their way right this very moment—whether they are dealing with addiction, substance abuse, cutting, isolation, being bullied, low self worth or simply finding no joy in their lives. Wilderness Therapy Programs work and provide hope again for families.

Please do what you can to help our youth and young adults get on the healing path through Wilderness Therapy. Our world can be a little bit better if you do.

Wesley and Liz Thank you!

“In Nature is the Preservation of the World.”—John Muir

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Birthday Pledge Drive

Goal: $9.26, $926, $9269, or...$92690! That’s a lot of pennies!

We can’t think of a better Birthday wish than Parker’s own:

“Wouldn’t it be ‘tight’ if we could send just one kid a year to Wilderness?”

We can send more than one Parker! Please help us keep making Parker’s wish come true by pledging your spare pennies with the button below.

Let’s celebrate with Parker and make it “count!”

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Thank you for considering supporting our mission in 2019 with your participation and generous donation! Thanks to your generosity, we helped 8 struggling Northwest teens and their families last year. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your willingness to consider helping us serve even more struggling local youth and young adults from the Northwest in the coming year. We at the Parker Bounds Johnson Foundation/Wilderness4Life need your help again to do this.

How Can You Help? ❤️
  1. PLEASE PROVIDE an experiential auction item, service, excursion, getaway, or gift certificate or vouchers for our annual “The Way To Wilderness” Auction
  2. RESERVE your place at the table to our upcoming The Way to Wilderness Auction Dinner Dance
  3. MAKE a cash donation at our auction to help struggling young people and their families
  4. VOLUNTEER your time, talent and ideas! We are seeking responsible and enthusiastic helpers and leaders.
  5. CREATE an awareness and fundraising event with us and your business!
  6. ASK how your company can match individual’s charitable giving or become a corporate donor.

What Your Contribution Will Do for You?
  1. YOU WILL GET RECOGNITION on our PBJW4L Website, Facebook, Instagram & at our auction event.
  2. YOUR DONATIONS ARE TAX DEDUCTIBLE with your charitable giving tax receipt and thank you letter.
  3. YOUR DONATIONS ARE effectively DOUBLED with our 100% Grant Matching Wilderness Partnership Program
  4. YOU WILL FEEL SO GOOD about helping a young person, the family, and your community find hope & healing.

Latest Pledge Drive Results

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Rim2Rim Grand Canyon Trek for Wilderness4Life.

Goal: $1 for every foot in elevation change: $10,141.

Pledge drive begins on Parker’s Birthday 9/26 and ends on the South Rim with blisters!

We are hiking to send NW Kids In-Crisis to Wilderness Therapy Programs. And to advocate for mental health awareness & suicide prevention.

Please donate any dollar amount you can TODAY!  Click the button below!    

Help us fulfill Parker’s Dream “Wouldn’t it be ‘tight’ if we could send just one kid a year to Wilderness?”

We will be hiking with one of our partnering premier wilderness therapy programs— Anasazi Foundation, and we will attempt to hike 25.5 miles in one day! Omg.

Hike Date: Spring 2019. It’s Happening!  
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